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Working in the Wyre Forest to restore and conserve the landscape

About Us

Wyre Community Land Trust (WCLT) was set up in 2007 by John Iles to enhance the biodiversity of local traditional orchards, meadows and woodland through the engagement and training of volunteers.

Since that time remnants of traditional orchards within the Wyre Forest have been restored and replanted. WCLT has entered into Higher Level Stewardship agreements on behalf of landowners to provide new fruit trees, fencing and infrastructure to allow us to graze and bring the land back to good condition.

There are benefits, not only from the general appearance of the land, but with increases to numbers of species of wild flowers, insects, birds and other animals that are present.

During this time WCLT has built up a herd of about 50 Dexter cattle. Dexter's are an ancient Irish breed traditionally used on smallholdings. The cattle are a compact and hardy breed, living outside all year and they produce excellent beef and milk.

Wyre Community Land Trust has an active volunteer programme working on the land to deliver our objectives and with partner organisations.

The meat produced by WCLT is 100% pasture fed, it is available from time to time throughout the year. If you would like to be notified of availability please contact us by telephone on 01299 488083 or by email at info@wclt.org.uk

WCLT Volunteers

Ruskin Studio


Some of the activities that our Volunteers are involved with. Please contact us for details of how you can join our life-enriching volunteer scheme.

Increasing biodiversity of farmland and meadows 
- Replanting and restoration of traditional orchards - Production of rare breed beef 
- Management of sensitive habitats - Providing training and support 
- Offering opportunities for land based volunteer work.

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