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Bird and Wildlife Boxes

At Wyre Community Land Trust we are passionate about wildlife as an important part of a sustainable and diverse eco-structure for all of us, whether living in towns or in rural areas.

We have designed a popular range of Bird, Bat and mammal boxes which we also use extensively in the woodlands that we manage.

And you too can help to provide secure habitats for wildlife by buying our boxes.

These inexpensive but robust boxes are ideal for use in town or in the countryside and can be ordered through the links below.


Bird Box Details and Information

Width - 14.5cm
Depth - 19cm (including roof 25cm)
Height - 30cm

Hole Diameter - 3cm which is suitable for Great Tits, Tree Sparrows, Pied Flycatchers and Nuthatches among others.

Individual bird species may have different requirements for bird box siting, but in general we would advise to place at least 2m off the ground in a semi sheltered area with nearby perch and away from predators such as household cats.

Bat Box Details and Information

This box is suitable for crevice dwelling bat species such as common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle, Nathusius’ pipistrelle, Brandt's bat and whiskered bat.

Width - 18cm
Depth - 18cm
Height - 50cm

Made from local rough sawn, untreated oak, these boxes have been painted with water based black paint.

The bat boxes can be placed on a building or tree. We would advise that they should be placed at least 3m from the ground, ideally 4 - 5m height near to areas where bats may feed for example a hedgerow, pond or woodland.

It is best to put a couple of boxes at different angles facing south - south westerly so they receive some day time sunshine and are sheltered from strong winds.

On buildings boxes should be placed close to the eaves.  Please note that you require a bat license to check the bat boxes once put up.

Bird Box - 30cm Diameter Hole

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