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Working in the Wyre Forest to restore and conserve the landscape

Rolled Rib

RolledribsmallThis most versatile cut from the rib has heavy marbling and extra fat content making it the perfect choice for a slow roasted intensely flavoursome joint.

Rib-eye Steak

Considered one of the most delicious steaks as it has heavy marbling and extra fat content, giving extra juicy flavour.

Our Meat

All of our meat is sourced from our herd of pedigree Dexter cattle.  They graze in the beautiful wildflower meadows and traditional orchards within and surrounding the Wyre Forest.  Being slow grown and 100% pasture fed means they produce full flavoured marbled meat that you just have  to try.

Availability of meat varies throughout the year so please click on the images below to see what we have in stock and to place your order.

Our meat is available in frozen packs and we do not ship these items, which must be collected from Uncllys Farm.

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