Get more value from your land


Making your property work better

If you’re a landowner, we can make your property work better.

We restore neglected landscapes and find new markets for the goods they produce.

Already, we actively manage around 300 hectares of woodland, orchards and meadows, and are always on the lookout for more.

We also provide affordable, high-quality contracting services – like fence-building, hedge-laying and natural-drainage schemes.

The Types of Landscape we Manage

Better working woodlands

We aim to give neglected woodlands new purpose and energy.

Our team of foresters nurture and restore them, so they become more diverse and resilient, supporting more wildlife and making more money for landowners.

As well as managing the woods owned by the Guild of St George, we work with a growing network of local landowners, developing strategies for their woodland and taking charge of their day-to-day management.

It’s very much a partnership approach. For example, we contribute to regional woodland strategies, like the Wyre Forest 50-year plan. We also work closely with bodies like Natural England, The Forestry Commission, Butterfly Conservation, and The Woodland Trust – to make sure we are do the right work, at the right time, in the right way.

Right now, we manage around 200 hectares of woodland – and are eager to take on more.


The Wyre Forest is home to a patchwork of meadows, which can be restored and maintained to encourage the return of herbs and wildflowers. This, in turn, attracts an abundance of wildlife, including insects and birds.

A key to our approach is our herd of pedigree Dexter cattle. They are the perfect beasts for selective, judicious, year-round grazing. The conditions they leave behind are idea for regrowth. And, of course, we also sell flavoursome, grass-fed beef.

As well as managing meadows owned by the Guild of St George, we enter stewardship agreements with other local landowners – nursing the meadows back to good health, repairing fences, laying hedges, and, where helpful, laying on water supplies.

If you have meadows that you’d like to entrust to us, please do get in touch. 


Better working orchards

The Wyre Forest was once home to a vibrant fruit-growing industry, producing many unusual varieties of fruit – including cherries, pears and apples.

We see a golden opportunity to bring these orchards back into production. A new, sustainable market can be created for the fruit they produce. And their return will support much more biodiversity, including small mammals, insects and birds.
Our aim is to work with the remaining orchards, preserving and prolonging the life of veteran trees, and protecting rare varieties of traditional fruit. We are also keen to re-plant lost orchards, replicating their original designs – something that we have already done with 160 new trees at St Georges farm.

If you have any orchards, or lost orchards, we’d love to work with you to bring them back into production.


As well as preserving the landscapes of the Wyre Forest, we’re here to create a vibrant social enterprise, providing a good local living for more local people.

One way to do this is by offering affordable, high-quality contracting servicers to local landowners.
So, for example, we could:

– Build or restore fences
– Make and install oak gates.
– Plant new hedges
– Lay existing hedges
– Manage woodlands, orchards and wildlife habitats.
– Install water supplies
– Implement drainage schemes

You can be sure of an expert service, managed by skilled tradespeople with many years’ experience. And, in the case of fencing, posts, rails, stakes and gates, you’ll get top-quality, locally-produced materials, milled at our own woodyard.


With our own sawmill and woodyard, we offer high-quality, locally-produced timber and a growing range of wood products predominately in oak from our own woodlands. And you can buy many of them direct from this website.

As well as cutting and finishing timber to your specifications, we produce a wide range of standard products for landowners – like gates, stiles, picnic tables, way-markers and more.


An important part of our work is to make it easier for local landowners to get a decent income from their produce and products.

So, for example, our sawmill and woodyard make it more viable to add value to, produce and sell more wood and wood products – without having to transport lumber over large distances.

Similarly, we’re finding ways for orchard owners to work together to market their fruit and fruit-based products.

Again, what we’re doing at the Wyre Community Land Trust is not about turning back the clock. It’s about building a sustainable future – by nurturing the environment, offering great value local products, and making it more viable for more people to earn a living from the land.

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WCLT is grateful for LEADER funding that has supported forestry machinery and new timber storage buildings.