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The Types of Landscape we Manage

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Better working woodlands

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With our own sawmill and woodyard, we offer high-quality, locally-produced timber and a growing range of wood products predominately in oak from our own woodlands. And you can buy many of them direct from this website.

As well as cutting and finishing timber to your specifications, we produce a wide range of standard products for landowners – like gates, stiles, picnic tables, way-markers and more.


An important part of our work is to make it easier for local landowners to get a decent income from their produce and products.

So, for example, our sawmill and woodyard make it more viable to add value to, produce and sell more wood and wood products – without having to transport lumber over large distances.

Similarly, we’re finding ways for orchard owners to work together to market their fruit and fruit-based products.

Again, what we’re doing at the Wyre Community Land Trust is not about turning back the clock. It’s about building a sustainable future – by nurturing the environment, offering great value local products, and making it more viable for more people to earn a living from the land.

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For more information about what we do or to enquire about our products events and courses, call us on

01299 488083

or email us:

St Georges Farm
Tanners Hill
DY12 2LS

WCLT is grateful for LEADER funding that has supported forestry machinery and new timber storage buildings.