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Our Pedigree Dexters

One of the ways we manage the meadows is with our pedigree herd of Dexter cattle.

We use them for selective, methodical grazing. Unlike any other breeds, they happily munch away at invasive species like Himalayan balsam and scrub. Then, when they move on to pastures new, their hoof-marks and dung create exactly the right conditions for herbs and wild-flowers to thrive.

Of course, we also benefit from a ready supply of slow-grown, flavoursome beef, with distinctive grass-fed marbling.



Our pedigree Dexter cattle are remarkable beasts.

They have a placid nature, they make for great mothers, and they thrive on the type of invasive undergrowth that other, more commercial breeds can’t stomach – like bracken and brambles.

In fact, if you were to design a machine to care for the herb-and-flower-rich meadows of the Wyre Forest, it would look much like a Dexter. For example, the ‘grab and rip’ eating action leaves a varied sward height. The dainty hoofs open create seedbeds. And the rich dung contributes the right mix of nutrients.

It’s a highly-selective, sustainable process. Each year, different tracts of land are set aside for hay-making, providing herb-rich supplementary fodder, to see the cattle through the winter months. 

And, as a by-product, we get this incredible beef – it’s slow-grown and flavoursome, with distinctive ochre-coloured marbling, and high in Omega 3-to-6.  


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