Help us make a difference

We couldn’t succeed without our team of volunteers. And we’re always looking to welcome new people to join the team.

By volunteering, you can learn new skills, stay fit and healthy, meet interesting people, and be part of a large, happy team.

You’ll also make a real difference, by helping us make the Wyre Forest work better.

The Types of Work You’ll do

Work with the Seasons

One of the joys of volunteering for the Wyre Community Land Trust is that we’ve got an interesting and ever-changing range of activities on offer.

These include:

Cutting back and clearing overgrown land; installing fences, gates, way-markers and stiles; removing invasive plants; conducting wildlife surveys; erecting bird and bat boxes; and more.

Felling trees; trimming branches; cutting and collecting firewood; clearing paths and rides; planting and maintaining trees; and more.

Making picnic tables; building benches; assembling boxes for different species (like owls, kestrels, woodpeckers, dormice and bats); making gates, lecterns, bridges and way-markers; and more.

Renovating and converting old buildings; installing drains; laying paving; and everything else imaginable from digging foundations to tiling roofs.

Cattle husbandry:
Moving cattle to different sites; helping with TB tests; providing water supplies; hay making; checking and observing cattle; checking and repairing fencing; feeding winter fodder; and more.

Fruit farming:
Inspecting, tying-in and pruning trees; making and repairing protective shelters; preventing rabbit damage; planting and mulching; harvesting; juice pressing; cider making; and’ of course, testing the produce.

About your fellow volunteers

We’re lucky enough to have around fifty regular volunteers, and are always eager to welcome more.

There’s no ‘typical’ sort of person on the team.

People of all ages and backgrounds take part – from young people seeking work experience, to working-people looking for something active and meaningful to do at weekends, to older people wanting to keep fit and healthy.

Some people have specialist skills to contribute, which is great.
Others just bring their enthusiasm and energy, and are equally valued.

It’s a varied group, of many different ages, with many different backgrounds. So, whoever you are, whatever your background, you’ll fit right in.

What to expect

Activities are tailored to fit the interests, physical capabilities and skill-sets of each of the people on the team.

Whatever you end-up doing, full training is given, constant supervision is on hand, qualified first aiders are omnipresent, and tools and protective wear are always provided.

Volunteer days commence at 10.00, and start with a cup of tea.
We work through to 11:30, for a well-earned tea-break and a chat. We then continue working until 1:00 for lunch. The day finishes at round 3.00 often with another cup of tea (as you can see, tea features heavily!).


Different people join for different reasons. Here are some of the main ones:

– Learn a new skill
– Pass on your own skills to others
– Stay fit and healthy
– Make new friends
– Work in the glorious landscapes of the Wyre Forest
– Make a difference – by helping to make the Wyre Forest work better

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For more information about what we do or to enquire about our products events and courses, call us on

01299 488083

or email us:

St Georges Farm
Tanners Hill
DY12 2LS

WCLT is grateful for LEADER funding that has supported forestry machinery and new timber storage buildings.